Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Electrcal Safety

Everyone seems to understand that Electricity can be very dangerous. At a minimum most parents use outlets caps stuck into the outlets as a way of keeping their child away from danger. These plugs can be somewhat effective but are not the best solution. Plugs are commonly left unplugged and outlets that are in use are not protected when your child pulls on the cord and dislodges the plug and now has access to the outlet. They are also a known choke hazard if left within the reach of toddlers.

A better solution is a Self Closing Outlet Cover that replace the existing plastic outlet plate. The Self Closing Outlet Covers come in several styles, Standard Style Covers (outlets with a screw in the center) and Decora Style Covers (outlets with 2 screws, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom of the cover). These ingenious covers allow easy access for parents but snap shut when children remove plugged in items. As a side note these outlet covers also keep costly drafts from entering you home during winter months. So, not only are they safer they are also Greener.

Todays modern household seems to have many more things that need to be plugged in than there are outlets for them, parents have resorted to using Power Strips as a means of increasing capacity. Power strips should be covered as they represent the same dangers as outlets. Our favorite Power Strip Cover is the Deluxe Power Strip Cover.

Sometimes you may want to have items plugged in that a child can not unplug under any circumstance such as a baby monitor or cell phone charger. These items use adapters and require a Big Box Outlet Cover. Make sure you purchase the correct model for your style outlets. If you are only plugging an a standard power cord you can use a Electrical Outlet Plug Cover which works with both styles of outlets.

Too many wires! Wires to connect our audio equipment, wires to connect our video equipment, wires for cell phones and wires for appliances. Its just too many wires. Try and consolidate your equipment connections use power strips with a reset instead of extension cords and never, never, never put extension cords under carpeting. If you must run a wire along the wall than I suggest using some Cord Cover to keep it out of your toddlers reach and use Cable Control Kit to tames those wires behind audio and video equipment.

Be respectful of electricity and your family will be a lot safer.

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